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Yoga can help everyone feel good

We can help you find the right Yoga for you!

Maintaining a regular yoga practice can provide amazing physical and mental health benefits.

We are passionate about Yoga. It can help the body, soul and mind in so many ways and we offer a variety of classes and teachers to suit all in our dedicated yoga studio.

Matt also provides a unique service to those wanting to deepen their knowledge of Yoga or learn what is good and what is bad for YOU in particular.

Join Matt and various other teachers teaching classes throughout the week! 

We have a dedicated Yoga Studio with parking and a serene environment perfect for relaxing and practicing Yoga in. We have all the equipment but please bring your own mats, eye pillows, blocks if you want to.

Find out which yoga is the right yoga for you!

Everyone is different, maybe you are stiff and tight, maybe you are hypermobile, maybe you cannot turn your thoughts off, maybe you are recovering from an operation or injury, or have a terminal illness. YOGA CAN HELP many people, but it is a minefield as there are so many different teachers and styles of you.

Matt can provide 1-2-1 sessions tailored to your needs and requirements then give you a plan of action and show you which Yoga is right for you. Many people do classes but, in our experience, Yoga makes much more of a positive impact if you can do a little at home, every day. Matt can help you with this, making it easy and fun. He takes a structured approach to finding the right Yoga path for you.

  • Analysis – Looking at your strengths and areas you wish/need to improve on. Asanas/Poses you struggle with, personal requirements, medical issues

  • Plan of Action – Reviewing the findings and where you want to go with your Yoga

  • A tailored Plan – Yoga for you to do at home or on holiday and classes that would suit you

  • Optional Yoga education – A guide to the deeper meaning of Yoga and the traditional path

  • 1-2-1 Reviews - To keep you motivated and advancing positively

Classes & Teachers

What to wear?

Simple - Just wear comfortable exercise clothes that do not impede feet or hands (so not too baggy).


Men in shorts and T-shirt, ladies in gym gear or Yoga leggings and top.


Long hair up or tied back if possible.


Remove any dangling jewelry and watches.


How does Matt teach?


Matt doesn't take life too seriously.

His classes and sessions are relaxed and laughing is encouraged. He has a gentle approach but knows how to get the best from you.

Matt is open and approachable at any time and is exceptionally professional. He can make physical adjustments to your Asanas (poses) but asks if you would want to first + does it extremely safely.


Matt can also expand on the physical yoga and teach the philosophy and diet of Yoga. For this it is often better to do 1-2-1 sessions.


What Yoga style is right for me?


There are so many different styles of Yoga it can be daunting when starting out.

Matt mixes many of these styles and brings the best from them all to suit the class on the day which makes it a great place to start.

He is trained in Hatha Yoga - which is the physical yoga we know in the West but is also trained in Sun Power Yoga which blends Ashtanga (a powerful and repetative style), Iyenga (for alignment and safety), and Sivananda (an all round Yoga that focuses on the breath with movement).


What's the studio like?


Matt's dedicated studio gives you the perfect environment to relax and focus on you, pressing pause on your busy lives to restore balance and strength in body, mind and soul.


It has a wooden floor, heating and is dedicated to yoga, so all the mats, blocks, straps etc. are provided and ready. All you need to do is turn up.


We have ample parking outside and are situated on an equestrian yard which creates a unique and amazingly calm atmosphere.

1-2-1 SESSION?

Why book a 1-2-1 session?

A 1-2-1 session focuses on just you ( 1-2-2 if you are a couple or parent/child). This will be tailored to help you improve where you need to. It can more beneficial than a class as Matt can form a plan for you to do at home.

Yoga really makes a difference when you do it every day for a short period with a targeted approach! This is what Matt is really good at - with his knowledge of anatomy and physiology he can determine what you need the most.

You can then take your Yoga where you want to and delve deeper than a class can take you.


To book onto Lee's (Tuesday at 7.30pm

Thursday at 9.30am) Yoga classes - just email or message her at or 07793-753655.


Group Classes (one hour): £12

Block of 8 classes: £80




To book onto Matt's (Thursday at 8PM) Yoga class - just email or message Matt at or 07887791423 on the Monday of the week you wish to attend.


Group Classes (one hour): £10

1-2-1 Classes (one hour): £65


To book onto Lee's (Tuesday at 7.30pm

Thursday at 9.30am) Yoga classes - just email or message her at or 07793-753655.


Group Classes (one hour): £12

Block of 8 classes: £80



To book onto Kate's (Monday at 7.15pm and Wednesday at 6.15 pm) Yoga classes - just contact Kate on or 07482775275.


Group Classes (one hour): £10


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