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Reiki and Indian Head Massage here at Woodhams

Introducing Julia Quarm, our amazing Reiki practitioner and Indian Head Massage therapist.

Here is her blog

Having worked as a ‘body’ worker spanning 20 odd years I gradually became aware of my clients energies during treatment. This led me to an awareness of the energetic body and led me to retrain in Reiki.

Reiki is a gentle ancient Japanese energy healing treatment. An holistic treatment, the Reiki balances your spiritual, physical, emotional and mental self, depending what your body requires the most. It offers healing to help you heal yourself.

You remain dressed during the session and lie on a couch with your eyes closed. There is no need for me to make physical contact during the session. I will check your main Chakras. These are points throughout the body where energies cross and these can become blocked or closed. Each Chakra relates to different psychological or physical elements. By the end of the session your Chakras will have been cleared allowing your energy to flow freely and the Reiki energy will have added the healing element.

We are now used to considering both our physical and mental health. However unlike the East, our Western culture is only just beginning to understand the importance of looking after our energy body. What may feel strange in the UK is an everyday part of many Eastern cultures, contributing to their welfare on all holistic levels.

As a therapist I specialise in the emotional and spiritual side of things and as Reiki leaves you feeling peaceful and deeply relaxed it’s a wonderful remedy for the stressful and anxious times we live in currently. My aim is for you to leave feeling relaxed and balanced, with an insight into how you are and able to continue in your busy lives….

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